Visiting Florence with my family

I love it when my family visits me in Florence. Besides spending a lot of time together, I also get a chance to visit my city a little bit more. I'm able to enjoy some of my favorite places, like museums, restaurants, and churches again. What is also wonderful is that I even get to visit new places that I hadn't yet been to. Today was a sunny day, so we decided to meet for lunch in Piazza Santo Spirito.

Living in Florence :: Visiting Florence with my family

We ate outside on the covered terrace at Osteria Santo Spirito and then walked around the mercato (which is shown in my picture) where vendors were selling antiques, pottery, jewelry, and clothing.

After a brief rest and a gelato, we visited The New Leonardo da Vinci Museum in via dei Servi where we all had a chance to play with wooden models of many of his inventions, like the odometer, hydraulic saw, and printing press. It was the first time I realized how much Leonardo da Vinci has contributed to our society by being an incredible artist, scientist, and inventor.

To finish off our first day visiting Florence, we had dinner at Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni behind Piazza Pitti.

My niece, who is seven, has become a connoisseur of gelato. We've been to almost all of the gelaterie in town. We walked to Piazza della Signoria and had a coppetta di gelato (small cup of ice cream) at one of her favorites. The bar, which is on the corner near the kiosk, serves the tastiest and largest gelati for a great price. I was also told by the guys at the pizzicheria/salumeria that they make their own gelato.

Dave and I escorted my sister, her husband, and our niece to their apartment and walked home. It's great to be on a semi-vacation (although we still have to work) and yet stay at home!

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