Forza Azzurri!

When I walked down Borgo la Croce today I saw many Italian flags (as shown in my picture) to show support for the Italian team for the Mondiali di Germania (World Cup in Germany). Not even on national holidays have I seen flags outside shops like this. During the Olympics this year, I didn't see a single flag put up anywhere. For the last two partite (soccer matches), I even saw lots of guys wearing t-shirts with the Italian flag on them and a few even had the Italian flag painted on their face.

Living in Florence :: Forza Azzurri!

But, when I go to the mercato, the brothers at the pizzicheria give me an update. They told me that the American team was quite violent in the partita against Italy. I only saw one American player with a bloody nose. I told them both, "Hanno imparato da voi!" (They learned from you!)

With my American team out, I am now rooting for the Italians, "Gli Azzurri." Although the brothers at the pizzicheria told me it might be tough this year since a few of the South American teams are really strong. But, incrocio le dita (my fingers are crossed).

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