Reflections on the Arno

Yesterday as I walked to the Ponte alle Grazie to wait for my suocero (father-in-law) to come and pick me up, I couldn't help but notice the reflection of San Niccolò on the Arno. I always carry my macchina fotografica (camera) with me wherever I go, so I pulled it out of my purse and took a few shots.

Living in Florence :: Reflections on the Arno

Last week when I went running for the first time under the morning moonlight, the Arno looked very similar, but the sky was much darker. I liked how the cloudy sky was even more visible in the water than when I looked up at it as if the Arno somehow enhanced it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't keep looking at the view because my suocero arrived as soon as I turned around. I am happy however that I took a picture of the reflection of San Niccolò on the Arno. To me there is something magical about reflections on the water. On the Arno, they seem even more magical because the Arno is not known for being nice to look at most of the time: the color of the water is usually quite murky.

Today it has been quite gloomy and rainy, so it was nice for me to look at this picture again to ponder the Arno and San Niccolò.

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