Sunday evening stroll

With Natale (Christmas) right around the corner, people are coming in centro (downtown) to shop. With different lights strung across the streets that illuminate the zone pedonali (pedestrian areas), Florence appears festive and cheery. Instead of shopping this evening with everyone else, Bari and I decided to walk around before the shops closed and take some pictures of our beautifully lit up city.

Living in Florence :: Sunday evening stroll

We pretty much walked around in circles snapping photos of various streets and monuments. My favorite was the Palazzo Vecchio, which is rarely lit up as it was tonight. Against the clear, dark sky, it looked even more amazing.

We've been rather lucky in that the temperatures have been less cold. We have been having temperatures between 0C (32F) and 4C (39F), but this evening it was more around 10C (50F). It has been raining off and on, but not enough to keep people out of il centro.

I'm looking forward to more moderately cold evenings when I can take more photos of my beloved city. Things will quiet down a little after Natale, and even more after l'ultimo dell'anno (the end of the year), so Florence will be all mine to capture in photos.

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