On the front of the Palazzo Vecchio is a large red gonfalone (banner) that says, "Human Rights in Tibet." A friend of mine told me it was there and I had to take a walk this evening to see it for myself. As I stood in Piazza della Signoria I wondered who thought of printing it and displaying it in front of the Palazzo Vecchio above the Giglio di Firenze (Florentine Lily) and below the flags for Europe, Italy and Florence.

Living in Florence :: Solidarity

I saw a sign later inside the Palazzo Vecchio that read, "Solidarietà e rispetto dei diritti umani. (Solidarity and respect for human rights.)"

As I stood in the Piazza della Signoria in the early evening, I watched the tourists walking through the piazza and taking photos. I'm certain they saw the gonfalone and I wondered what they thought of it.

I was proud of my beloved city and I hoped that everyone who saw the gonfalone was as well.

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