Trying out a new camera

I have been wanting to buy a new macchina fotografica (camera) for a while. I love taking pictures of all that I love and sometimes I haven't been happy with what my macchina fotografica produces. My friend Brian told me that he'd loan me his Nikon D80 for a few days while he's not using it.

Living in Florence :: Trying out a new camera

I practically ran to his office when he told me that I could pick up the macchina fotografica from him. We left his office immediately and walked to Piazza Repubblica. We sat on a cement bench and he explained the manual options to me and allowed me to test out his macchina fotografica.

After we parted, I walked around town and snapped pictures of everything and anything. I couldn't help but notice all the other tourists with a similar macchina fotografica hung on their necks. I generally don't like walking around with a macchina fotografica because I don't like looking like a tourist.

I was surprised how many people stopped to let me take photos. I think they were impressed by the macchina fotografica because I've taken many shots before downtown and no one ever stopped.

I love the statue of David in Piazza della Signoria and with the amazing zoom lens, I couldn't resist taking a shot of it. The statue is beautiful, but the camera definitely does it justice.

I'll try to walk around town in the next few days while I have Brian's camera to take some more photos of my beloved city. Today the weather was a bit fickle and it even rained, so I'm hoping for some sun so I can capture Florence in all her splendor.

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