Un anno sull'Arno

Today marks the one year anniversary of our living in our apartment sull'Arno (along the Arno). Not only did we move into this apartment, but we also moved in together for the first time. We have both been loving our apartment sull'Arno. Alessandro wasn't convinced on living in centro (downtown) at first because he thought it would be too loud and crazt. I was happy when I overheard him telling his friends the other night that he loved living in centro.

Living in Florence :: Un anno sull'Arno

I'm certain our reasons for liking our apartment are different. We both enjoy the fact that we are in centro and can easily get anywhere quickly. We both also love the amazing breeze that we get in our apartment because of the open space were the Arno river flows and the piazza below our place. When I lived in other parts of the city, there wasn't such a nice corrente d'aria (air flow) that moved nicely through the apartment.

I was afraid that there'd be too many zanzare (mosquitoes) here initially, but we rarely have any in the apartment. I think they are more attracted to plants, which we don't have outside our windows or on our terrazza (terrace).

I especially love living here because I get to see the ever-changing Arno every day. I took a photo of it today because with the heat we've been having, the brownish water has lowered some more and bright green grass has grown up along the walls. In the winter, the dark-colored water level was high and we could hear it at night when we went to sleep. In the spring, the greenish water slowly flowed through the city.

I love how I'm able to experience the city's rhythm every day. From the quiet early mornings to the noisy afternoons, from the peaceful midday pausa (break) to the reopening of the negozi (shops) in the late afternoon, and from the closing of the negozi in the evening to the people who stroll the streets at night. The sounds of the city streets always bring me great comfort. It's as if the city is breathing like a human being.

Sometimes I sit at my desk and watch the cars and people below and on the other side of the Arno. I feel as if I'm in the city without being in the ruckus. I get to be an observer and choose when I want to insert myself, which is one of the greatest luxuries.

We have no plans of moving any time soon as our apartment brings us both great joy. It certainly fits us both well and we're happy to have found it and choose to live here.

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