I Grandi Bronzi del Battistero

I'm almost embarrassed to say that my last visit to my favorite museum, Museo del Bargello, was over two and a half years ago. I walk by the museo (museum) often and I had hoped to go back more often, but I just haven't had a chance. There are so many other things that I want to see in centro (downtown) and sometimes I get busy with work, seeing my friends or visiting new exhibitions that I don't have the time to visit my favorite monumenti (monuments) and musei. It's easy to put things off when things are so accessible, but I try to set aside time when I can for my cultural visits in Florence.

Living in Florence :: I Grandi Bronzi del Battistero

Today a girlfriend and I decided to go to see the I Grandi Bronzi del Battistero (The Great Bronzes of the Baptistry). Because the mostra (show) is only going to be up for another month, we decided that we had to go before it's too late.

After a cappuccino and a pasta (pastry) at my favorite bar, we walked down via Ghibellina and around the corner through the entrata (entrance) of the museo. No one was in line, so we walked right in and got our free tickets thanks to our Amici degli Uffizi tessere (cards).

We walked into the cortile (courtyard) that literally took my breath away. I see it every once in a while when I look through the glass doors on via Ghibellina as I walk by. I could never get bored looking at this cortile. We entered the mostra and were struck by the small room with the Danti's capolavoro (masterpiece), "Decollazione del Battista (Beheading of Saint John the Baptist)."

It's hard to believe that these three impressive statues were perched outside the south fašade of the Battistero (Baptistery) for many years until they were taken down to be restored.

I looked around the small exhibition hall to see the other works on display. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough space in front of the pieces so that we could appreciate them more.

Being at the Bargello, we couldn't help but walk around to see the rest of the museo. I still love the diversity that the Bargello has and am always shocked that more people don't visit it. We were able to freely walk around the entire museo without bumping into anyone.

We only stayed a few hours, but I could've stayed even longer just sitting in the cortile looking at the stemme (coat of arms) fastened on all the walls. The colors, the decorations, and the words are so intriguing.

I loved my visit of the Bargello and would love to return to see the "I Grandi Bronzi del Battistero" again before the mostra ends. I doubt I'll be able to go back again because there are other things I'd like to still visit and see in Florence. But, if I happen to walk by and have a few minutes to spare, I might just duck my head in for a quick visit.

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