Alba Adriatica

It's been at least seven years since I've been to the mare (seaside) in Italy to go to bagnarmi (go swimming). I was happy when Alessandro stopped the car in Alba Adriatica because I have also never been to the Eastern coast of Italy. We drove over 1200 kilometers the past three days straight, so it was relaxing to finally pick a place to stay two nights.

Living in Florence :: Alba Adriatica

Our first night in town, we just walked around to take in the cool breeze. We had a difficult time finding a restaurant as most of the hotels have full pensione completa (full board).

This morning when we headed for the spiaggia (beach), we were shown to an ombrellone (beach umbrella) with two lettini (sun beds) that the hotel provided for us. We left our things under our ombrellone and took a walk down the long spiaggia. It was a sunny day with a cool breeze blowing from the sea. Not many people were swimming in the murky water as most of them were walking along the spiaggia.

Once we got back to our ombrellone, we lied down on our lettini to rest in the shade. Many of the people around us were relaxing while a few others were talking loudly on cellphones and smoking.

We headed back to the hotel for lunch as it was a part of the mezza pensione (half board) that we paid for. Because for once we didn't jump back into the car, we decided on taking a pennichella (nap) in our room. It had rained a little bit during our pennichella, but we mostly slept through it. After we woke up, we walked along the spiaggia again to watch the sun set behind the low hills to the West. The spiaggia was mostly deserted as I'm sure the rain scared off a few people.

We enjoyed our time at the spiaggia and will be heading back to Florence tomorrow. I have missed my beloved city, but traveling with Alessandro is like taking Florence along with me. So, I miss it just a little less.

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