Florence as a backdrop

After dinner Monday night at my friend Simone's restaurant, Alessandro and I decided to walk through Piazza Santo Spirito on our way back home. We were surprised to see bright luci (lights) shining and a few people standing around the piazza. It was close to 11.30pm and the piazza was quiet even though there were telecamere (television cameras) and proiettori (projectors) sprinkled around. We were excited to see that they were filming a movie in the piazza.

Living in Florence :: Florence as a backdrop

I saw the regista (director) under a makeshift tent with a television screen in front of her. After each ripresa (take), she'd come out to talk to the attori (actors). Alessandro recognized one of the attori as Fabio Volo. Everyone on the set was so silent that we could hear the attori speak. Even cars that passed by on via Mazzetta stopped to see what was going on.

I was happy to see that Florence was being used as a backdrop because so many Italian movies and shows are filmed in Rome or Milan. Even though Florence is quite touristy, it's nice to see it being used as a normal city where people live.

After a little bit of searching on the Internet, I found out that the film is called "Matrimoni e altri disastri." I was happy to read that one of my favorite attori, Margherita Buy, is also in the movie. Alessandro saw her in centro a few weeks ago and we figured that she was in the same film we saw yesterday. I'm excited to see the movie even though it'll probably be a while before it hits the theaters.

I love to see Florence through the eyes of other people who don't live here to see what they see and what they find is beautiful.

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