Too cold for a stroll

As I stood in our warm apartment this morning, I was struck by the statua (statue) in Piazza Mentana and the color of the Arno, which has been a light green for the past few days. I couldn't help but try out my new macchina fotografica (camera) from our apartment windows. I had to open the window for a few minutes to wait for some people to pass by so I could get a clear shot, but it was worth the wait. Since we have lived in our apartment, I have taken many pictures of the statua, but I think this might be my favorite one up to now.

Living in Florence :: Too cold for a stroll

I had planned on going back outside this morning to go for a camminata (stroll), but the brisk air deterred me. The sky was partly cloudy, but white in the distance. I heard that it has been snowing in the hills surrounding Florence.

I did notice a lot more tour groups today than I had these past two weeks. Yesterday with most of the shops open again after two days of them being closed, it felt like a normal Saturday, but without many locals outside. The shops I went to quickly in the morning were virtually empty.

When I went to have lunch with my suoceri (in-laws) this afternoon, I saw quite a few tour buses parked near the Ponte San Niccolò. In the past couple of weeks, there seemed to be fewer buses bringing tourists to town for a visit. I watched as large groups of people wearing hats, scarves, and gloves were smiling as they were walking toward the Ponte Vecchio along the Arno.

I doubt the weather will warm up any time soon, but I hope next week will be nice enough for me to go for a camminata. I'm hoping for sunny skies at the very least.

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