Snow not melting

Even though temperatures didn't increase on Saturday after the nevicata (snowfall), I didn't think that we would still have snow the next day. When I looked out my window this morning, I thought that maybe the sun would warm up the city and melt the snow, but it didn't. I saw snow on the buildings and treetops across the Arno so I grabbed my macchina fotografica (camera) and ran out the door. When I got outside, the temperatures seemed much colder than yesterday, so I knew that the snow wasn't going anywhere.

Living in Florence :: Snow not melting

I didn't have much time this morning to take foto (photos), but I braved the cold and headed down the lungarno (road along the Arno river) toward Ponte alla Carraia. I was surprised to see snow along the banks of the Arno and ice on the marciapiede (sidewalk) on the south side of the Arno. Wherever the sun was able to shine, the snow melted.

While I was walking toward Le Cascine, a lot of people were walking toward the centro (downtown area). I had a difficult time taking foto because my hands were cold without my guanti (gloves). I was mostly surprised to see a few guys running past me in these cold temperatures, but the sun deceived me into believing that it was warmer.

I took this foto when I was rushing back to my apartment around 1pm. The sun was already low and setting behind the hills in Florence. I was already late for lunch and running along the lungarno, but I stopped and took a couple of foto because I loved the view of the Arno and San Miniato on the hillside. Even though it was early afternoon, it looked like it was dusk.

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