by Melinda Gallo

Strolling the streets

For the first day this week I have finally found time to walk around Florence. I had no plans when I left our apartment and found myself going in many directions. I love strolling the streets and just seeing where my heart leads me. I had my macchina fotografica (camera) in hand equipped with my new obiettivo (lens) that I bought in the US on my last trip. I not only wanted to try it out, but I also wanted to see what my beloved city would look like.

Living in Florence :: Strolling the streets

I walked across Ponte alle Grazie to the other side of the Arno. I love walking along the wider sidewalk up to the Ponte Vecchio. Iím always so happy to see the Duomo peeking out behind the buildings on the other side of the Arno. I crossed the ponte (bridge) and headed toward the Piazza della Signoria. I didnít stop, but walked down via Calzaiuoli toward the Duomo.

I stopped, of course, at Orsanmichele. I walked inside my favorite chiesa (church) and sat down. I love to visit this chiesa because it is the place where I go to reconnect to my city. Orsanmichele was where I realized that Florence was my home, so now I go every time I leave and when I return because I feel that bond even stronger each time.

Afterwards, I walked back out and meandered the main streets as well as the backstreets. The skies were grey and the temperatures were cool, but I enjoyed walking around the city. Not only the sights, but also the smells of the city as well. I could smell the odor of the food being cooked at a trippaio (tripe stand).

I walked to the Duomo, to the Piazza Repubblica, down via del Corso toward Piazza Ciompi, and then back to Piazza Santa Croce. I tried to hit all my favorite spots while the weather was still clear.

I ended up taking a couple of foto (pictures) and the one I liked the most I took in Piazza della Signoria. Itís a foto of one of Giambolognaís bronze statues on the Fountain of Neptune. Iím happy each time I discover another masterpiece that I didnít notice before. Itís like a gift the city gives me for taking the time to explore.

I hope the sun comes back out soon so that I can take some foto of my beloved city in its warm and lovely light. But for now, Iím happy with the foto I took today and cherish them as much as I do my city.

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