Another view of my piazza

I often walk through Piazza Mentana and always enjoy this view of the statue that stands in the middle of the piazza toward the Arno. In the almost three years weíve been in this apartment, Iíve noticed this view and have admired it. Today as I was walking by it, I felt drawn to take a foto (picture). Sometimes I donít have my macchina fotografica (camera) with me and other times I am carrying groceries home and canít be bothered to take a foto

Living in Florence :: Another view of my piazza

This piazza is a parking lot located between a five-story hotel and the Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce). From our apartment windows, I sometimes see tourists walk along the narrow sidewalk next to the red brick wall on their way to the Uffizi or Ponte Vecchio stop to take a foto of the statue.

I find it amazing how something I see so often and love looking at can turn out to be an interesting foto. For a while I debated whether or not I wanted to take thisfoto because of the tow-away zone sign, but now I feel it only adds to the scenery. I excluded the cars because I mostly like the statue with the buildings. Although I also love the buildings on the low hillside in the background.

I find certain sceneries in town give me a sense of well-being. Much like looking at the river, each time I see this statue from this angle I always feel a sense of peace come over me.

I didnít realize until I got home to write about the foto I took that it was Memorial Day in the States, so itís almost fitting that I took this picture. The monument was built in memory of those who perished in the Battle of Mentana in 1867.

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