Catching a sunset on the Arno

After a full day of rain yesterday, I was excited to see that today the rainy weather had passed, leaving behind a few fluffy, white clouds hanging in the blue sky. This evening, I went out to catch the tramonto (sunset) so I could get the warm light we are so fortunate to have in the summertime.

Living in Florence :: Catching a sunset on the Arno

I initially walked to Ponte alle Grazie to look up at Piazzale Michelagiolo and the San Miniato chiesa, dominating the hilltop. I took a few pictures, but the tramonto was in its early phases and the light was still too bright.

I walked along via dei Bardi toward the Ponte Vecchio. Instead of crossing the Ponte Vecchio, I continued down Borgo San Jacopo so I could reach the small terrazza (terrace) of the Lungarno Hotel. When I looked out at the Ponte Vecchio, I noticed that the light was still too bright.

I walked to Ponte Santa Trinita and stood against the cement wall, waiting for the sun to set. I havenít taken a photo of the Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinitŗ in a while because they are doing some construction work on it and I donít much like the looks of the impalcatura (scaffolding).

I was happy to see the boat with a few tourists enjoying the tramonto. It must have been delightful to be in the best location in Florence to see the warm light as it descended upon my beloved city.

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