Taking photos in the rain

This morning, I met up with Kristin, a professional photographer from the States. She came to Florence for a few weeks to let herself get inspired and take photos of the city and food. We had met up once before for a caffè, and decided to meet again to take photos together. When we first saw each other today, the sky had cleared up a little and we thought it had stopped raining. Unfortunately, it rained off and on all day.

Living in Florence :: Taking photos in the rain

We started by walking over Ponte alle Grazie to go to a quieter area of the city with narrow streets. When it started to rain, we ducked into a café where I saw a player of the Fiorentina. I didn’t talk to him even though I did want to. I already asked him for his autograph two years ago, so I didn’t bug him for another one. Kristin talked to me more about how to use my camera. It was nice to have someone explain certain things to me because I only know the basics. My friend Brian showed me how to use it initially, but I felt I needed to learn more.

When the rain subsided, we headed through the Porta di San Niccolò and instead of going up to Piazzale Michelangiolo, we walked up via di Belvedere. We took turns taking photos of each other. I learned a lot because I was finally able to test out some things with my camera that she taught me.

It began to rain heavily, so we walked back through San Niccolò and over to my side of the Arno. I was delighted to see the puddle in the gravel of the small garden in Piazza Demidoff. I loved seeing the green grass, the yellow leaves that have fallen to the ground, the reflection of the street lamp and apartment building, and a few rain drops falling onto the puddle. To me, this photo shows everything that Florence is right now in this season.

We huddled under an ombrello (umbrella) and walked over Ponte alle Grazie to have lunch together. Even though it was cold, rainy, and grey, I enjoyed my time with Kristin immensely. I look forward to going out again to take photos because it brings me so much joy. I usually go alone, but going out with someone else was both educational and enjoyable.

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