Admiring the full moon above the Ponte Vecchio

A few weeks ago, I walked to Ponte Santa Trinita to watch the sunset. I hadnít gone back to the bridge until a few clouds were in the sky. Clear skies are nice, but sunsets are more colorful when there are clouds overhead. By the early evening, the clouds had thinned out and dissipated as the sun was setting.†

Living in Florence :: Admiring the full moon above the Ponte Vecchio

I delighted in watching seagulls fly west and two†ducks paddle across the surface of the water. The temperatures were rather moderate for most of the day and then dropped right after sunset. When I arrived on the bridge, people were standing along both sides of it then when the sun disappeared behind the buildings, only a few people remained.†

I took a few photos of the sunset when the colors in the sky were soft, but continued to wait, hoping the colors would become more vibrant. I remained in my spot on the bridge until†the cold from†the low cement wall I was leaning against seeped through my jacket and lightly stung my thighs.†

When I turned around to head home, I noticed the full moon peeking above the buildings along Lungarno degli Acciaioli. It wasnít high enough to capture it above the Ponte Vecchio so I hurried down Borgo San Jacopo to a spot where I could take a photo of the moon above the northern corner of the Ponte Vecchio.

A crowd of people were already standing in the tiny inlet to take photos so I stood behind them and leaned against the metal railing to take mine. Even though I captured a lovely shot of the sunset earlier with a seagull flying overhead, the full moon above the Ponte Vecchio was the highlight of my day.

As I walked over the Ponte Vecchio, I looked over at Ponte Santa Trinita and was pleased to have enjoyed the sunset and the beginning of the blue hour there. And even more delighted that I could admire the full moon above the Ponte Vecchio while the sky was still blue.†

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