Send us love, not sadness

Everyone keeps telling me they’re sad for Florence and Italy. Lockdown is an inconvenience, but it is a protective measure for our country and our citizens. If you want to be sad, be sad about the people who are suffering right now from this pandemic, teetering between life and death, and those who have already died.

Living in Florence :: Send us love, not sadness

If you feel sadness about the current situation in Italy, please acknowledge your emotions, feel them, release them, and then transmute them into something beneficial for the planet, like love for example.

Please don’t be sad because the streets and piazzas are empty or because all the museums, churches, restaurants, and most shops are closed while most of us are at home doing fine. We have food, shelter, running water, electricity, Internet, and beds to sleep in at night. Yes, there are financial repercussions, but what good is money if we don’t have our health?

Staying home as much as possible is a tiny price to pay to prevent getting the virus and spreading it around. We don’t know if the effect of the lockdown is beneficial, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I’m no expert in the medical field, but I feel safer knowing that no one is getting closer than a meter from me and that I’m taking all my precautions to stay safe and not get infected.

Send love to Florence, to Italy, and to all of its citizens, but most of all send love out to the entire planet and all its inhabitants because we are all affected by this virus.

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