Friday, December 23, 2022

Living in Florence :: December days in Florence

The shorter days inspired me to wake up when the skies were still dark. I wanted to have the time to stroll around town and visit the gardens. In the early afternoons, I could watch the sunset and even catch the blue hour. My favorite moments always happen spontaneously. Every time I head in one direction, I'm always guided to a scene that captivates me.

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Living in Florence :: Happening upon beauty

When I stroll around Florence, I love it when something attracts my attention. Sometimes it’s a sunlit loggia, the city at a distance on a foggy day, the Basilica di Santa Croce under royal blue skies, or the Arno reflecting the riverscape. It’s unnecessary to seek beauty in Florence since it is everywhere. 

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Living in Florence :: Infusing life into every moment

While going about my day, I often stop to bask in a moment. Sometimes it’s the way the bridge’s shadow decorates the river, how the sun explodes an array of colors in the sky, the lush greenery adding its touch to the panorama, and the Duomo illuminating the view during a walk in the gardens.

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Living in Florence :: Reveling in the change of seasons

As Autumn approaches, the days are becoming shorter and the evenings chillier. In the past few weeks, I experienced many magical moments while strolling along the Arno, watching the sunset, sitting in the Rose Garden, and walking down Via dell’Oriuolo. When I was inspired, I paused to bask in my surroundings to soak up the details and savor them.

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Monday, August 29, 2022

Living in Florence :: Taking a moment to savor Florence

A noticeable lull settled in at the beginning of August as many locals journeyed to the seaside or the mountains. Early mornings were so quiet that I was slow to start my day. As the day progressed, more and more out-of-town visitors and sightseers milled around the streets and piazzas. Further away from the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo, the city kept its relaxing vibe. Before lunch, I went for walks in nature. The fragrant breeze filled with mellifluous birdsongs pacified me as I admired my beloved city from afar.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Living in Florence :: Delighting in the long summer days

The days stretch out in July, allowing us to slow down and bask in the sun. The sun heats the stones of the buildings and the streets, making the air so heavy that we all seek a bit of respite. Pedestrians seek the shady streets or at least thin strips of shade to continue strolling around town. Nature continues to thrive in the gardens and delights us always at sunset.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Living in Florence :: Finding solace in Florence’s embrace

As temperatures soared and more visitors arrived this month, I found solace in Florence’s embrace. In these anecdotes, I navigated down shaded streets and into wide piazzas, basked in the cool air flowing over the Arno at sunset, and settled under the pergola surrounded by leafy wisteria vines.

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Friday, June 3, 2022

Living in Florence :: Capturing moments of serenity

In April, the pace in Florence was peppy. Tourists zipped around town, wide smiles on their faces, basking in the mild temperatures. Now that the air is heavy with languor, school kids, cruise ship passengers, small families, and groups of friends stagger through piazzas and down narrow streets. They take breaks to drink cold beverages that they sometimes splash on themselves to cool off.

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Living in Florence :: Springtime is for gardens

When Florence is abloom, the air is infused with joy. I was drawn to visit Giardino Bardini, Giardino dell’Iris, and Giardino delle rose. I strolled through multiple times, even more than I wrote about, not wanting to miss any of Mother Nature’s gifts that come to life. Through intermittent rain, all of nature thrives: trees and bushes sprout new leaves, flowers develop buds, and grass grows taller. When the sun returns, everything reaches up to greet her as robins, blue tits, and blackbirds sing from the cypresses.

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Monday, April 4, 2022

Living in Florence :: Enjoying the arrival of spring

Spring arrives at its own leisure: trees and bushes sprout new leaves, flowers bloom, people revel in the sun, and visitors flock to the city. Florence’s energy radiates down every street, along the river, and in her churches and museums. In these anecdotes, I enjoyed glimpsing the Duomo from Via dello Studio, strolling through Giardino Bardini, visiting Palazzo Medici Riccardi, and delighting in a sunset from Ponte alla Carraia.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Living in Florence :: Savoring time is savoring life

As we turn the corner into spring, the days stretch out and the sun gains strength. Clouds come and go, but the city is becoming brighter. More people arrive every weekend to visit Florence and revel in her beauty. To savor a moment is to live an eternity: strolling through the gardens, watching a sunset, and basking in the blue hour. As time flutters by, I enjoyed pausing to breathe in specific moments and relish them.

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Living in Florence :: Communing with Florence in January

The city quieted down after the festivities. People wandered through the streets and piazzas at a slower pace. The wintry, yet unpredictable, weather accompanied me as I ambled around Florence to commune with her. From walking up to San Miniato al Monte, watching the sunset above the Arno, basking in the full moon above the Duomo, admiring the foggy view near Ponte alle Grazie, glimpsing the cupola from Piazza Santissima Annunziata, and reveling in the blue hour from Ponte Santa Trinita.

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Living in Florence :: Appreciating the many facets of Florence

My desire to appreciate my surroundings even more led me to different parts of my beloved city. I basked in the Giardino Bardini, admired the panorama from the Fontane delle Rampe del Poggi, marveled at the Mercato del Porcellino, enjoyed the rain in Piazza di Santa Trinita, rejoiced the holiday spirit in Piazza di San Giovanni, and reveled in the serenity of the Giardino delle Rose. 

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Living in Florence :: Giving thanks to Anna Maria Luisa

As we round the corner into winter, the days have become shorter and chillier. Regardless of the weather, I enjoy communing with my beloved city. When I admire Florence, I feel her love flowing through me. Her beauty seeps into my heart like a gentle embrace from within. The highlight of these past few weeks was when I walked along Lungarno Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici. Not only did I revere and appreciate her, but I also felt thankful to her for allowing the cradle of the Renaissance to remain intact. 

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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Living in Florence :: Florence is a city to contemplate

Florence is a museum, a city to contemplate. When walking along her river and through her streets and piazzas, I look at her through my heart’s eyes. Always open to embrace more of her beauty. She continually inspires me whenever I watch a sunset from Ponte Santa Trinita, visit the Giardino Bardini, and stroll up to my favorite spot along Viale Galileo. To love Florence is to appreciate her from near and far.

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