What our bags were filled with

We are finally relaxing after the long trip and the stress from packing our suitcases the night before we took off. We didn't know for certain if everything we had at my sister's house was really going to fit. And in the end, we had to leave Dave's camera case there.

I got books from Amazon sent at the last minute to my sister's house, more books that I bought on my last shopping spree, art projects my niece JJ gave me, a few tubes of Crest toothpaste, a couple of sticks of my favorite deodorant, many, many bottles of vitamins and herbal remedies from my nutritionist, our down comforter, towels that I bought a few months earlier, and our Linksys router for our new Vonage phone service.

Vonage is absolutely the greatest invention ever. We have two US phone numbers (a California one and a Colorado one). We get 500 minutes of service each month for $15/month. People can call our numbers for free since they don't count against our monthly minutes. With Vonage and our consulting jobs, we can actually live anywhere in the world as long as we have an Internet connection.

For our work, we also had to bring back our portable FireWire scanner, and PC laptop (that neither one of us likes to use, but needs to for work rarely). And, Dave brought his digital SLR camera because he plans on taking more photos while he's here too.

Once we unpacked and put everything in our new home, it felt like we didn't bring enough or that we could've brought more with us. Time to relax some more...I think it's time for a nap.

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