Making plans (or not) with my friends

I have finally gotten in contact with pretty much all of my friends to tell them that we're back. Many don't yet believe me since we arrived in September for 6 weeks and I told them all we'd be coming back in November. "Vedremo," (We'll see...) many said to me. I knew we were coming back, but they wanted to make sure and wouldn't make plans with me until I did. Surprise!

It's funny to actually be here. After being away for 5 years, telling everyone I'd be coming back, getting married and finally coming back. It's almost a non-event. Now that I'm here with Dave, it's as if I've never left. The same buildings, churches, stores, restaurants, and monuments are still all around. A few things have changed (like scaffolding on some of the churches and the new area around the Fortezza), but all-in-all, the city has remained unchanged.

My friends are now ready to make plans, but I'm not. I'm still adjusting to the my life here and the smaller living space (going from a 3000 sq. foot house to a 600 sq. foot apartment is a big change). Luckily, our place is full of light, peaceful, warm, and the perfect size for the two of us.

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