Dave started Italian lessons today

Dave left for school early this morning to learn Italian with my old teacher, Gianluca. It was great being in the house alone. I got to read and write in bed, drink my orange juice, and just take it slow relishing in my time at home sola soletta (by myself).

I went to the open market by myself. I finally got out of the house early enough to go. Although I found out that it closes at 2PM instead of 1PM, which is what I thought. I walked around to the different stands and tried to find one that wasn't too busy. I stood there looking at all the fruits and vegetables. A woman asked, "Faccio da me?" (I just help myself?) A wave of relief came over me. "Mi da' qualche sacchetto." (Can I have some bags?) Now, I could just pick out what I want and not ask her to help me. It's hard for me to remember how much is in "un etto" (100 grams). So, I prefer to pick out my own things, have them weigh it, and tell me what I owe.

I love to cook, but when we were in the States we'd do it together. Now, I find that I do it a lot more here just because I really enjoy it. I love going to the outdoor market to pick out fresh ingredients and get inspired by what is there so that I can take everything I find home and make something special for me and Dave.

He came back and about 1:30PM and lunch was ready when he arrived. It was fun going shopping alone, picking things out for him to make him something after his long morning at school. I haven't been out much alone until today. I'm sure I'll be doing more of this.

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