Things I miss...

Well, after being here a month and a half there are a few things I miss now. A few things I am beginning to miss. And still others I will always miss.

The things I now miss here are a dryer, a garbage disposal, screens on the windows, and central heating. Dave misses having a dishwasher (because that's his job now), a good amber beer and Mexican food.

What I am beginning to miss the most are my closest friends and especially my niece JJ. She's the only one I have pictures of in our apartment. It's so comforting to see her smiling face. I can always think back to little things that she said or did and I always smile.

Luckily we have so many ways to stay connected to our friends and family, like email, Vonage and iChat. The other times I've lived overseas, we only had the phone and email, but my niece who is 6 can't exactly send me an email when she wants to.

Things that I always miss I keep closest to me. Missing things is not a pleasant feeling, but it does remind me of all that I had before. Life goes on without the things I miss the most, but I can imagine how great life would be if I didn't miss anything at all.

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