A time for everything

I know better and yet I still make the mistake. I head out of the house after lunch to go to a store and it's closed. I look at the plastic sign with four clocks with the minute and hour signs to see when the store opens and closes in the morning, then opens again and closes again in the evening.

There is a time for everything here. Each business has its own schedule, but the general rule is that everything is closed for lunch. I thought that lunch was an hour or maybe two, but I'm slowly finding out that the lunch break is normally between 1PM and 3:30PM.

The open market is open from 8AM to 2PM while most shops are open from 9AM to 1PM and then 3:30PM/4PM to 7:30PM/8PM. I can't just go out and shop whenever I want unless I want to go to the supermarket when the best time to go is around 2PM when everyone else is home or eating lunch.

I go back home and take off my jacket and shoes and try to keep warm until I have to go back out later when the store is open. But, I might just wait until tomorrow morning...it's too cold to just go out there again for one item.

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