No more channel hopping on Sundays

Sunday is the worst day to ever channel hop in Italy. Luckily, we have satellite TV, but for old time's sake, I thought I'd take a look at what mostly everyone else watches. Well, no one admits to watching these TV shows (none of my friends would ever say that they even turn on the TV on a Sunday afternoon), so I wonder who really does watch these variety shows that last hours and hours.

The variety shows are always the same. Beautiful and sexy women (who are usually not even Italian these days) dance and lip sync to popular songs. Older and less attractive men talk and talk.

I watch the show and wonder what the point is. Are people that bored on Sunday to watch this? Can't they put an old movie on or an American series, like "Hunter" or "Murder She Wrote"? Oh yeah...these are on, but only during the week.

What's really odd is that these are always the same people. It's as if there are only 20 Italians working on TV and they just go from show to show. And, these are all the same people that I used to see when I was living her 6-7 years ago. In the US, these people would've been voted off the island and new ones would've been added.

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