Sunday brunch with friends

Today was the first day we had guests over for any meal. Our friends Steph, Erez, and their son Jonah came over to our place for brunch. I had a blast going shopping, straightening up the house, and preparing a meal for other people. I forgot how much fun it is to share a great American treat with others.

I went to the market Friday to pick up fruit and other items that would be great for brunch. Yesterday, I found pancetta that I asked for to be thinly sliced like bacon and bought white bread that I could use to make French toast.

Dave and I made enough food for about 10 people. We had the oven pancake, french toast, a 6-egg omelette with ham, cheese, and mushrooms, oven-fried potatoes, banana bread, yogurt, bacon, and bowls and bowls of cut up fruit. When they arrived, I prepared some fresh squeezed orange juice with some spumante in it to make a mimosa and Dave made a caffè latte for each one of us.

It was a beautiful to day to have people over. Our place was bright and airy with all the curtains drawn. The terrace looked so tempting with the flowers blooming and the sun shining, but we knew how cold it was so we just admired it from inside the double glass doors.

Afterwards, we went for a walk along the Arno river so we'd be in the sun to a "Vintage Fair" where they were selling vintage clothes, books, and jewelry up near la Stazione Leopolda (which is a reconverted unused train station). It was really trendy and cool. The building it was in was called Spazio Alcatraz and it did look a bit like that with a balcony above on each floor looking down into the main hall on the ground floor.

We went for a drink at a nearby bar and then walked home. Here in Florence we walk everywhere, but it was so cold that when we saw a bus stop we took the bus directly home.

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