Unplanned meals

After going to the market to pick up vegetables, fruit, meat, mozzarella (for pizza and for salad), and coffee, I thought about how Dave and I have created a new life with different routines than the one had before.

Each one of us has a different routine. I go to the market to go shopping for food and Dave goes to the alimentari (small grocer) or grocery store and buys water. I cook the meals and Dave cleans up. I wash the clothes and Dave puts them on the clothes line or takes them to the laundromat to dry them. Dave makes coffee for us both every morning and I make at least one dessert a week.

Before we would've divided the tasks between us. We used to both cook; if I cooked lunch, he'd cook dinner or vice-versa. Laundry was done whenever we had time.

I mostly cook because I always cook Italian food, which I thought everyone would do if they lived here. But our friend Stephanie told us that they cook more now that they're here, but don't necessarily cook Italian food.

Back in the US, we'd go to the supermarket with a list of items and our whole week was more or less planned. Here in Italy, when I go to the market, I just see what looks appetizing to me and our next few meals are set. Sometimes, I'm so enthusiastic about cooking that I can't be bothered to go out and eat any more. Like tonight...we were going to go out to celebrate Valentine's day, but since I bought so much great food, I wanted to cook and stay home instead.

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