Waiting for warmer days

The cold hasn't let up yet. For the last three months, the temperature has never gotten above 10C (50F) and is usually more around 3C (37F). Each day I hope it'll be warmer, but it ends up not being much different than the day before. Today, for example, it was overcast and a touch below zero (Celsius). I opened the glass doors that lead to the terrazza and quickly closed them. Just a small amount of air that I felt on my face made me not want to venture out any further.

I've been wanting to walk around downtown in the day, but haven't been motivated. If one of my friends calls and wants to meet up, I'll go, but just to walk around in the cold would be crazy. I'd spend the whole time looking for some place to take refuge and warm up.

I haven't talked to any of my friends this past week except by email or SMS on my cell phone. I was supposed to meet Marta Thursday before she left for Umbria this weekend, but since I didn't call her and she didn't call me, we ended up not seeing each other. It's like an unspoken agreement we have that if no one calls, the plan is canceled.

With the cold weather and Dave being sick, we stay in a lot. I'm waiting for it to warm up so we can walk around in the morning or after lunch, go sit at of an outdoor bar to people watch, or just visit the town a bit more, but this cold weather is paralyzing and is making us stay at home where it's warm.

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