Getting back to normal

It was odd going back to the market to buy food today. Dave and I had been eating out so much that we almost forgot what it was like before our guests arrived. We ate almost every lunch and every dinner in a different restaurant. Now, we have a short list of our favorites.

We ate all the Tuscan specialties, like bistecca alla fiorentina (a large T-bone steak), ceci (garbanzo beans), schiacciata (similar to focaccia bread), crostini (slices of Tuscan bread with either diced tomatoes, basil, and olive oil or a chick liver pâté), polpette (meatballs), torta della nonna (a cream filled tart topped with almonds), and much, much more.

I met up with my friend Marta at the market this morning since we hadn't seen each other either in awhile. She was busy with work and I was busy with my family and work. We walked around the market and we went to all of my usual spots to buy fruit and vegetables, bread, and meat.

At the market, everything was the same as any other day. All the vendors I know were busy helping customers as usual. It seemed as if no time had even passed. They all greeted me like they do each time I go.

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