Born under a lucky star

I have always thought my niece JJ was born lucky. A few days before she and her parents arrived, it rained even though the weather had been pretty nice for a week. The day they arrived, it was sunny with clear skies. And that was how each day was during their trip here.

On Wednesday, the day they left, we sat on the terrace of a café in the sun. A beautiful day that made Dave and I believe that we really did live in paradise. We sat there and watched many tourists walking across the Piazza della Signoria.

That evening, well after my niece and her family were on the plane back to California, the sky began to get a little cloudy and it became cold.

The next day, the weather was a bit cooler. It was sunny, but not as nice. And then on Friday, the weather started getting even colder that I had to put on my down jacket even in the afternoon.

Yesterday, it rained, so we stayed in. It felt like we were back in the middle of Winter. And today, even more rain. Supposedly, we're expected to have rain almost all week.

And so, I'm happy that my niece and her family were able to enjoy the city in all its splendor. They were so fortunate to be here the one week we had the best weather in a month!

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