Hoping this really is summer

With the past few weeks of capricious weather, I think that summer has finally arrived. Every day we didn't know whether to wear a jacket, to bring an umbrella, or to take our sunglasses when we went out. But, now I think the weather has changed for good.

And with the summer weather come many good things, like having daylight until late in the evening, keeping our windows open to get fresh air, sitting out on terraces to get some sun, and wearing lighter clothing.

Of course, there are a few bad things as well, like mosquitoes and noise.

For a city with such great summer weather, you'd think that every window of every apartment would have screens. Not at all! If I look out onto the other apartments in our area, only a few people have put up a zanzariera (mosquito net) that they hang from the window.

The noise isn't so bad if you don't mind hearing someone else's television blaring for hours or listening to the workmen next door working and the elderly man and his cleaning lady downstairs slamming windows and yelling at each other.

But, all in all, we're happy that summer is here! Now we can travel freely to other places that we've been wanting to go to before it gets too hot.

Each time we've taken a trip out of Florence, we've crossed our fingers and refused to watch the bolletino meteorologico (weather forecast). We were so lucky on our last two trips. So hopefully, many more will come.

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