Finally official residents of Florence

I had the best idea this morning when I woke up. I asked Dave if he'd come with me to the anagrafe (Registry office) where we could sign up to be residents. We slowly went through the usual steps: go to the office directly to get information, get all the documents filled out, and bring it all with us.

I told Dave to bring a magazine or something to read and I brought a book. I've done enough of these administrative requirements to know that they are never quick. I even have to wait a half hour at the post office!

We headed to the anagrafe, not really knowing if it'd be open since Thursday was a holiday in Florence (only!). It said on the Web site that they're open from 8:30 to 1. It's the only administrative office that is ever open on Saturdays, much to the employees dissatisfaction.

We got in and I went straight to the desk. If there's one thing I've learned about all of these administrative offices it's that the more confident you look, the better things seem to work out. It also helps to get all the information before going to do anything too.

When I got there I told them that I wanted to declare my residency. The woman handed me two numbers and signaled me to go through the door. We didn't even wait one second. We walked in, the man who was to help us arrived, and sat us down at his desk.

For each document he requested: permesso di soggiorno (permit to stay), codice fiscale (tax number), passaporto (passport), and the modulo (form) with all of our information filled out.

The man was quite polite and nice to us. He told me that I should get my Italian citizenship since my last name is Italian, which means that my father was Italian. He also suggested that I get my citizenship here since I'm a resident of Florence.

After he asked us to review the two-foot form he printed, he handed me a piece of paper that he signed and stamped and said, "Siete ufficialmente residenti di Firenze. Benvenuti!" (You are officially residents of Florence. Welcome!)

Finally, someone had welcomed us to Florence with a smile. I floated all the way home.

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