Sprinkling in the Summer

Today I went to the alimentari (local grocery store) around the corner from our apartment and it began sprinkling. It felt so great. Finally, a little relief from the hot and windless days we've been having here. I was happy to be outside getting rained on and was surprised to see a few people with umbrellas. How did they know it was going to rain?

When I went to the alimentari, the woman who works there talked to me about the weather, "E ora la pioggia." (Now rain) she told me. Just a few weeks ago when I went there, she told me how hot and humid it was outside.

I didn't feel it was so bad, but we have the air conditioner on at home and the sun doesn't shine inside our place all day, just in the morning.

Many people open conversations by talking about the weather. I notice that I even mention it first when I see anyone I know. "Si sta bene fuori" (It's nice outside). Maybe it's just a way to connect with someone without getting too personal. Or maybe we're just obsessed with the weather.

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