Mille a te

What I find interesting in Italy is the number of different expressions people use each day. You'd think after living here for awhile, I wouldn't hear that many new expressions. And yet almost each day, I hear something new or at least something I haven't heard before.

Today after a long hiatus not going to the market, I went to the bakery to buy pasta fresca per la pizza (fresh dough to make a pizza). Dave loves it when I make pizza because I make the crust much thicker than we can usually get here in Florence. Htye make pizza bassa (flat pizza) and not pizza alta (thick crust pizza).

As I thanked the girl, she responded, "mille a te!" It's not really a new expression, but I'd never heard anyone say it like that. Usually, people will say, "grazie mille" or "grazie a te," but I'd never heard "mille a te." So, now I'm thinking about saying it sometime when the right occasion arises.

And so now I wonder what tomorrow will teach me.

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