Un concerto all'improviso

As we walked down the Via di San Giuseppe next to the Santa Croce church, we could hear music blaring. It is quite common to hear people playing in the piazza. There are summer concerts in many of the piazze in Florence on the weekends.

Living in Florence :: Un concerto all'improviso

But this band seemed different. They seemed to have just arrived and began to play. There was no stage, no lights, no chairs, and no real fanfare.

Dave forgot something at home, so instead of walking back with him I decided to sit on one of a cement bench off to the side and listen to the band. People were enjoying the music, stamping their feet, and clapping their hands. One couple danced all the way from one end of the piazza to the other in front of the church.

As I sat there, I realized how much I love living downtown. It's great that something is always going on just outside our door.

I had to go up and take a picture of them. It was a nice way for me to remind myself of the many treats we have living downtown.

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