Hot, hotter, hottest

Well, for the second day in a row it's been in the high nineties and probably reached 100 degrees. The lows are a in the high sixties, low seventies. Just a week ago, it was cool and rained off and on for two days in a row. Everyone talks about the heat. How can you not mention it? It's all around you.

Today, I walked through Piazza Santa Croce as I usually do, but I noticed that I was the only one. There were no crowds, no one one the benches, and no one else walking in the middle of the piazza.

I looked around and noticed that everyone else was walking around the piazza in the shade on the side toward the Arno. Yes, it was hot, yes, I was happy my walk would not be long, but I was surprised how many people were avoiding the sun at all costs. There were a few tourists walking around under umbrellas or with shirts or towels on their heads. I was afraid a few of them couldn't even see where they were going. I usually have to watch where I'm walking because of the cobblestone. Many people lose their balance or trip when they don't pay attention.

Our apartment is air conditioned, so I don't noticed the heat as much until I open the front door to our building and then it feels like I just walked into an oven. Sometimes I really enjoy the heat, especially at night around midnight when I'm walking outside. But once I open the door back to my cool apartment, I feel such great relief and pleasure.

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