A long way from Katrina

I have been keeping up with the news on the tragedies following the hurricane. I've read the articles about the Superdome in New Orleans, seen many horrific pictures, and heard the New Orleans mayor's interview over the Internet that made me cry (as well as the mayor himself).

I don't know anyone who lives in the affected areas, but it breaks my heart when I see and hear what is going on. I feel extremely fortunate to have visited New Orleans just last year for the first time for a conference before moving to Florence. It was a visit that I'll cherish forever.

Searching the Internet, I found out a few things that I thought other people might want to know as well. There is a company called SalesForce.com that is matching any donation made to American Red Cross, Points of Light Foundation, and Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

There is a volunteer organization that needs help entering data of people searching for loved ones into a central repository. If you have time to volunteer from your home, you can manually enter data into the repository.

I didn't think at first that there was much I could do for those in need being so far away, but I did find out that there is a lot I could do.

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