Meeting Lorenzo for the first time

My friend Yoshie's son, Lorenzo, was born at the beginning of September this year. I didn't get a chance to see him before we left for the US because she was very busy taking care of her newborn and her other son, Davide. I was so happy when Yoshie called me to tell me that I could come to her place to see Lorenzo. I had been waiting for awhile to meet him.

I walked to Yoshie's house this morning and brought a few small gifts for her boys that I had bought back in September. It had been over three months since I last saw Yoshie, so it was interesting to see her new baby. I had seen her for almost the entire year pregnant and now here she was with a baby. Yoshie told me all about her delivery at the hospital. She went to the hospital at Ponte a Niccheri instead of Careggi this time. She said that at Careggi, she was at least given some drugs to relieve the pain, but no epidural. At Ponte a Niccheri, she wasn't given anything at all. She had hoped for something, but they refused to give her any drug to relieve some of the pain. Luckily her labor was only a few hours, so she didn't suffer for long.

At the hospital, the nurse asked her if she was full Japanese because Lorenzo didn't look half; he looked a bit less. I told her that I thought he looked less Japanese as well.

We sat and drank green tea together as we both played with Lorenzo. He's such a calm baby and only started to cry once. Yoshie asked me, "Allora, quando fai un bambino?" (So when are you going to have a baby?) "Chissą." (Who knows.) I responded. If I was as lucky as she was to have two babies as sweet as her two boys, I'd have one right now!

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