Bollette da pagare

Dave has been sick all last week and I have been sick all weekend and we're both still struggling. I should've gone to la posta (post office) last week when I was well to pay our bollette (bills), but I kept thinking that maybe one more would arrive and I could pay them all at the same time. I wasn't happy to go outside because it was sprinkling, but I figured I had to since our Internet/phone bill was due today.

I took a shower, put on some clothes, bundled myself up as much as possible and headed out. I didn't get outside until around 2:30PM so that hopefully there'd be less people at la posta. I brought a book just in case I had to wait too long. I walked in, went to the machine, pressed the "Bollettini" button, got my number, and stood there and waited.

I got up to the counter and said, "Buona sera," but the woman didn't respond. I try not to get upset. I keep trying to remind myself that I should not expect other people to say anything back. It doesn't mean that they're rude, she might not have heard me. I get my money out since I already know that I pay the amount of my bills plus 1 Euro each. She tells me how much I owe and sees that I've already put down my money. She takes it and says, "Arrivederci" to me. I responded with a smile and left.

I take a peek through the glass window to see if La Standa is busy or not. I noticed that there weren't that many people, so I rush over. I grab a few boxes of Kleenes, some orange juice, and a few other things we needed. Dave came on Sunday because I was too sick to go and they had already ran out of boxes of Kleenex.

I got up to the counter and feeling awful, I don't say much. My fever was kicking in and I was beginning to feel a bit of a headache. The woman asked me if I had my Standa card, but I told her that I didn't bring it. She was actually nice to me even though I had few words and no smile for her. I left saying, "Grazie...arrivederci" and scooted home. I was happy to have gotten into La Standa before the crowds of people arrive.

I got home and got the mail out of the mailbox. And what did I find? Another bill! I swore to myself that I would always check before going to la posta, but I forgot. Oh well, now I just hope my satellite bill comes soon so at least I can go pay that one with the latest one I got today.

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