Dave's visit to la farmacia

Still not feeling up to leaving the house, Dave went to the local alimentari (grocery store) to get us some more water without me. We seem to go through 6 liters in a little more than a day! It was after 7:30PM when he left, so I decided not to go with him because I figured the farmacia (pharmacy) would be closed.

Dave called me from his cell phone to tell me that the farmacia was still open and he was standing in front of it. He told me that they close at 8PM. I asked him if he could get a spray decongestionante (nasal spray). He said that he'd pass the phone to the farmacista (pharmacist). I asked him if anyone else was in the farmacia and he said that no one was there.

I heard him go in and say something muffled in Italian to the farmacista. The farmacista got on the phone and said, "Sė." I said, "Ho bisogno di uno spray decongestionante." (I need a deconsgestant spray) He said, "Uno spray per il naso?" (A spray for your nose?) I'm used to these responses now and just said, "Sė, grazie" without doubting what I said to him. Before he passed the phone to Dave, I told him that I also need a cough syrup for Dave and to not give me the one I named for him.

I've been to a few different farmacie in the area and he's the one whose farmacia is closest. I go to another one on via dei Benci and when I went the other day, the woman gave me their calendar for next year. I wasn't expecting to get one since I'm not a regular and I haven't been in for over 8 months. The farmacista that I had on the phone barely cracks a smile, but is professional. He, at least, listens to me when I tell him something didn't work for me and tries to give me something stronger.

I could've gone to see my doctor tonight because she was on duty from 5PM to 7PM, but I hate waiting in that stuffy room with a bunch of other sick people. I certainly don't want to get sicker!

The farmacista hung up the phone without saying a word and soon Dave was home with our medicines. I'm hoping this all works because I'm getting sick of being sick!

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