Ci sono, ci sono...

Today I finally went to my yoga center in via de' Benci where two of my friends work: Annunziata and Rossella. I haven't seen them since I left for the US in October. It was great to see them both. Annunziata is going to India on Saturday and won't be back until mid-January. They embraced me tightly and said, "Finalmente!" (Finally!) It was great to see them both again.

Living in Florence :: Ci sono, ci sono...

Rossella asked me, "Allora, ci sei?" (So you're here now?) While a lot of people are going away for the holidays, I responded that I was here and not going anywhere by saying, "Ci sono" (I'm here). She must have thought that I was either going to go away for the holidays or that I was only here temporarily. I guess one month back in my homeland made her think that I might have left for good.

On my way home, I walked through the Piazza Santa Croce. I keep my camera in my purse in case I see something I feel like taking a picture of. I had a feeling before I even got to Piazza Santa Croce that I'd be taking a picture of it. The camera that Dave bought me for my birthday takes great pictures in the dark, so I take full advantage of it.

Since we returned from Munich at the end of November, the German Christmas market filled up the piazza with booths of sausages, sauerkraut, and beer as well as other booths where they sold Christmas decorations and gifts. Last year, we went a few times, but this year because we stayed in doors quite a bit, we didn't get to go once. I walked through a few times, but didn't buy anything.

Sunday was the last day and they quickly cleaned up the piazza. I'm kind of happy because I do love to see the piazza empty so that we can take in the beauty of the church. I didn't want to sit on the few cement benches on the outskirts of the piazza because it was so cold. I walked through the piazza quickly and never took my eyes off the church.

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