Last minute Christmas shopping

Today I walked all over town doing some shopping. I love shopping and I especially love shopping late in the season. I love the hustle-bustle. It's not like anyone in centro (downtown) was window shopping. Everyone had one thing on their mind: find more gifts.

Living in Florence :: Last minute Christmas shopping

Besides shopping (and buying yet another book), I was in search of some sun. For the past few days in Florence the sun has been shining and not a drop of rain has come. The weather has been fairly moderate (at least it's not as cold as it was last year) during the day and then it cools down at night. It's not so bad when the sun is out, but once you're in shadow of buildings, it is very chilly. Instead of walking my usual way down narrow streets, I went along the Arno river.

I took a few pictures that I posted at I walked down via dei Neri, then past the Uffizzi, along the Arno river, up via Tornabuoni, through Piazza Repubblica, right on via dei Pecori toward the Duomo, and then right on via Calzaioli (which is where I took the picture above).

There weren't as many people as I hoped would be out, but it was still early in the day so maybe some people weren't out of work yet.

Tomorrow it should be crazy in centro, but I might just check it out for the fun of it.

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