Signed, sealed, and almost delivered

For most of the day yesterday, I was a little stressed about our new apartment because we didn't sign the proposta di locazione (rental agreement/proposal). The proprietario (owner) and I did shake on it, but nothing is as sure as a signed proposta di locazione.

So, I was incredibly happy when I received a messaggino (SMS) on my cell phone from my agente immobiliare (real estate agent) saying that the proprietario just signed it. Of course, I didn't get the messaggino until later afternoon, but better late than never!

Now, I feel as if I can plan on sorting out what is ours and what is Simone's, getting boxes, packing up our stuff, cleaning things out, and figuring out what to give away to charity. I already have three overflowing bags for charity and yet I haven't been able to find a place to drop them off yet, but now I'm very motivated! I wish they had some place easy, but my friends tell me to go to the small local church and ask, so I guess I'll have to find a time when church is open outside of mass.

I'm waiting to fare un bonifico (send a bank transfer) to the proprietario for our deposito (deposit), but I haven't yet received his informazioni bancarie (bank information). He said that we don't need to give him our deposito before he gives us the keys, but I'd feel better about it.

I hope we get to see our proprietari soon because I'm so anxious to see the apartment again! I have already called it casa nostra (our house) even when I brought Dave to see it on Saturday.

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