Il contratto è ancora da firmare

Seeing as though we had agreed last Saturday on the new apartment and signed the proposta di locazione (rental agreement/proposal) on Monday, I thought that we'd have the contratto (contract) to sign before the end of this week and receive the chiavi (keys) so we could begin our trasloco (move) this weekend.

I usually don't plan much, but the one time that I do, it seems my plan didn't work out the way I wanted it to. I have already contacted my bank to fare un bonifico (send a bank transfer) to the proprietario for our deposito (deposit), so I did believe that things would move a little quicker. But, I guess everything has its own time and I need to be a little more patient.

My agente immobiliare (real estate agent) called me back this evening at about 7PM and said that we'll sign the contratto on Wednesday. She said, "La proprietaria non pensa che ci entri un divano letto nel salotto con tutti gli altri mobili." (The owner doesn't think that a sofa bed will fit in the living room with the rest of the furniture.)

I wasn't happy to hear that, so I said, "Non possiamo misurare lo spazio per esserne sicuri?" (Can't we measure the space to be sure?). My agente immobiliare agreed that that's what we should do. "Allora ci vediamo mercoledì alla nuova casa per misurare lo spazio e per firmare il contratto. Poi, loro ti daranno le chiavi." (Let's meet up on Wednesday at the new house to measure the space and sign the contract. Then, they can give you the keys at the same time.)

I had really wanted to get the chiavi early so that we could begin our trasloco much sooner. We already know that we'll be taking a few taxi rides over to the new apartment to move our things in. Simone said he can help us on his days off, Sunday or Monday, but he'll have to ask for a permesso (permit) to drive into the downtown area. He told me to find out about it, but he did say to make sure I don't say it's for a trasloco or else they'll make me pay something. He said that a permesso to enter the downtown area for the day is normally free, so I'm supposed to tell them that I'm going shopping and need to come downtown with the car.

Yesterday and today, Dave and I have both gone to the mercato (market) to pick up some boxes. I have only packed up four boxes with my books in them, and need a few more to finish packing just my books. We'll probably start our trasloco as soon as we get the chiavi. We are happy that we don't have any of our own furniture, so at least we can do it ourselves.

Before we move in, we're hoping to go to IKEA as well to pick up a few more things for our new place. I have also spotted some artwork that I'm planning on buying as well. I spoke with one of my favorite artists in Piazza Santa Croce yesterday and told him that I want to buy a few of his quadri (paintings). He told me, "Non guardare i prezzi perché forse è la mia ultima settimana qui in piazza e non voglio portare tutti i quadri a casa." (Don't look at the prices because this might be my last week here in the piazza and I don't want to carry all the paintings home.)

We're both very excited about our pending trasloco. We'll be packing up some more boxes this weekend and looking forward to Wednesday when we can hopefully firmare il contratto and get the chiavi. Wednesday isn't that far away, but right now it seems like a long time to wait to get things finalized.

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