Andiamo al cinema

Tonight Dave and I went al cinema (to the movie theater) with my first Italian teacher and friend, Gianluca. He's living in Germany these days for work although he'd rather be back here in Italy. He came back for le feste (the holidays). We don't get to see him much, so it's always nice to see him when he's in town.

He's probably the most comical guy that we both know. He loves to tell jokes and laugh all the time. No one can help but want to be around him because he knows how to get everyone laughing.

After we purchased tickets, we bought some popcorn, which the fiorentini (Florentines) call, "poppie-hornie." We sat down and put our coats on top of the seats in front of us. The sala (theater) was practically empty for the opening of the James Bond movie, whose code name in Italian is zéro zéro sette (zero zero seven). I was happy not to have to worry about someone coming in and sitting in front of us. It's tough knowing where to put our giubbotti (coats) and sciarpe (scarves).

A few people arrived late and used their cell phones to light the way so that they could find seats. One of the men that arrived was someone I knew from the palestra (gym), but I hadn't seen him in years. I wanted to go up and talk to him at the end of the movie, but we left before him. I actually think he stayed for the second showing because he arrived so late.

During the movie, the cell phone of the man next to us started ringing. He didn't answer it although a few minutes later another guy started talking on his cell phone. Gianluca kept moving in his seat and whispered to all of us that the guy was on his phone. He wanted to say something to him, but didn't. Although when we left,

At one point during the film, I heard two men talking loudly. Then one of them said, "Sě ce l'ho con Lei. Ha parlato Lei tutta la sera." (Yes, I am mad at you. You talked the whole evening.) I looked back at the two men in the hopes that no fight would occur. They kept exchanging words back and forth and then it passed. When the movie ended, the two men went out different exits, but they did keep their eyes on each other.

I had a difficult time concentrating on the movie with all that went on, so we might go and see it again. I'm not that fond of going al cinema because of all the distractions. I was hoping that we had our televisore (television set) back.

We did get a call from the tecnico (technician) about our televisore a half an hour before we left for the movies. He said that he wanted to drop it off, but we were just about to leave. So, now he won't be coming back until next week because tomorrow is festa. I'm excited to get it back so that we can finally watch some movies at home and I can make some "poppie-hornie."

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