Waking up early on Saturdays

Ever since we moved into our new apartment, we've been fortunate to have also hired a new donna delle pulizie (cleaning lady). She works for our proprietari (owners) and we met her when she cleaned up the apartment before we moved in.

We had one donna delle pulizie come to our house last year; however, one day she just didn't show up. I tried to call her, but she wouldn't call me back. At first, I didn't quite understand what happened. I had hoped that I didn't offend her or something. A few weeks later, I found out from my friend who referred her to me that she did the same thing to her sister. One day, she just stopped showing up.

I thought I found another one afterwards, but her telephone number never worked when I called her, so she came twice and that was it. After that, I gave up. It's not as easy as I thought it would be to find a donna delle pulizie.

Our new donna delle pulizie comes at noon, but for a few weeks she came at 11AM. The first time, she didn't call me beforehand, so I was coming out of the shower when she arrived. After that, she told me that she'd be here earlier because our proprietari were out of town and she wouldn't need to go there before coming here.

First off, I don't get up at 7AM every morning. I'm happy if I wake up at 9AM. I also have my own daily routine: I sit in bed and write every morning. On weekends, I like to stay in bed and read. But now that our donna delle pulizie comes on Saturdays, I have to hasten my weekend routine, jump out of bed, and get ready before she arrives.

To make up for my lost time in the morning, I take a dormitina (nap) after she finishes working at our place. I do love having a donna delle pulizie come to help us with the apartment every week, especially now that our place is bigger. So, when I go to take my dormitina, it's even better because the sheets are clean and the bed has been freshly made. I may have to wake up early, but at least I get a small treat for it!

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