I'm home!

Yesterday we took a flight back to Pisa. I usually never take the train from Pisa to Florence only because I like that we don't stop and that it's very comfortable. For the first time, it was actually completely full; one girl had to sit in the front where staff people generally sit. I felt excited about returning to Florence during the trip and just couldn't help but look out the window.

At one point, I caught a glimpse of an orange-colored dome from afar, and I sighed. I couldn't help but think about how beautiful the city looked.

At one point, the bus took us over the Ponte alla Vittoria. I looked down the Arno river and saw the Ponte Vecchio as well as the top of the Palazzo Vecchio. Nothing could be more beautiful. I wanted to jump off the bus and run along the river to embrace my city.

After we arrived at the train station, we hopped in a taxi to take us to our apartment. I couldn't wait to get upstairs to our apartment, so I pulled out my keys after I told the taxi driver where we were going. As soon as we were inside the apartment, I went out to the terrace and looked out at my city. I'm home!

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