Possibly a new apartment

This time I had been hoping I wouldn't have to visit 22 apartments like I did last time. I made a vow to only visit an apartment if it really sounded interesting because a few times I was dragged to areas that didn't interest me and apartments that didn't sound that appealing.

Instead of boring everyone with all the details of my multiple visits with the agente immobiliare (real estate agent), I decided to only mention something if it was extraordinary.

Well, I think I found the apartment I want. It's a loft in Piazza Mentana. The two windows in the living room give off to the Arno river (after the piazza in front) and the terrazza (terrace) overlooks the piazza and Arno river as well. It's a loft apartment on the fourth floor (third in Italy). It's smaller, but perfect for me. I have always loved loft apartments in the city, and it was a dream of mine to find an apartment like this one.

There are a few things I really wanted in my new apartment/loft: a vasca (bath tub), a veduta (view), tanta luce (lots of light), an open plan with living room and kitchen together, and a terrazza (terrace). I was extremely lucky to get everything I wanted.

The new apartment won't be available until July 15th, so I have to give a disdetta (notice to leave) for my existing apartment, which might not been that simple. When I signed the contract, I was under the impression that my disdetta was only 1 month, but it's not. I walked down to the agenzia immobiliare (real estate agency) to get the contratto that I signed because I never received a copy, and it was a little confusing. So, I'll have to check into it. No one seems to understand the contratto since it's not standard supposedly.

I signed a proposta di locazione (rental offer/application) on the new apartment that I found in the hopes that the proprietaria (owner) will accept it and allow me to take it. I should find out next week; my fingers and toes are crossed.

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