New doctor, same old story

After my many, many visits last year to different doctors and acupuncturists, I decided to get a new ginecologa (gynecologist). The last one I had knew that I was married and trying to get pregnant. But, now that I'm single and not willing to tell my previous ginecologa about my situation, I decided to just go see a new one. She was already on me last year about hurrying up to have a baby that now she'd probably just shake her head at me if she saw me.

I had been suggested this new dottoressa (doctor) by a few friends of mine. She's far from my place, so I had to take a taxi to get there. Not only is her office in Novoli, but it's on a side street far from the bus stop.

When I arrived at the dottoressa's office, she buzzed me up and I walked up the three flights of stairs. The door was open, so I just sat down. The dottoressa came in and asked me, "Potresti aprire la porta e dirgli di venire al terzo piano? Non c'è la mia segretaria oggi." (Could you open the door and tell them to come to the third floor? I don't have my secretary today.) "Certo," (Certainly) I responded.

My appointment was at 4PM, but the dottoressa was busy until 4:30PM. I had to open the door twice to two different couples. And when the dottoressa was ready to see me, she told one of the other couples to answer and open the door. As she closed the door behind me, she asked, "Quale coppia è arrivata per prima?" (Which couple arrived first?)

The dottoressa asked me a long list of questions from memory. When she asked me if I was ever pregnant, I explained that I am getting a divorce and now I don't want to get pregnant. She leaned over the desk and said, "Devi pensarci, non sei così giovane." (You have to think about it, you're not that young.)

I hear this speech each time I go see the ginecologa, but I'm used to it. I want to tell them that I need to be in a good relationship, in love, and happy before thinking about having a baby, but they are too concerned with my age, so I say nothing and just smile.

She told me a few times that I don't look my age and when I thanked her, she said, "Non è un complimento...è la verità." (It's not a's the truth.)

She seemed to be quite intrigued that I chose to live in Italy. She told me how much she loved California when she last visited it a few months ago. She asked me if I'm living in Italy to return to my origins because my father's family was from Italy. It's a question I've been asked before, and I have thought about it, but honestly I don't think that's why I'm here. I think if I were, I'd be in the area where they came from and not in Forence.

She handed me a stack of tests to have done since she said that it's about time to do a full check-up. Of course, I have to eventually go and see my medico di famiglia (family doctor) so that she can write up prescriptions so that I don't pay anything.

As I left, she told me to make sure I talk about having children with the next man I'm with. "Non hai tempo da perdere..." (You don't have time to waste...), she said with a smile. And here I thought I was going to not get the same speech. I guess I could've just kept my previous ginecologa after all.

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