Proposta firmata

This evening I met up with the proprietaria (owner) of my new apartment to sign the proposta (rental offer). My agente immobiliare (real estate agent), the proprietaria's agente immobiliare and the two of us met at the same spot as last time up near Piazzale Michelangelo.

This time I had to bring her one month deposit for the proposta, which will be part of the two-month deposit she will keep while I'm renting her place.

We sat out on the terrazza (terrace) of the bar to talk about the contratto (contract) that they are going to draw up for me to sign. They wanted to give me a contratto touristico (tourist contract) because it would only be for one year, but I want to claim residency at my new apartment and if I did so with the contratto touristico it would make it null and void. The proprietaria didn't want to have me sign a 4+4 contratto because it's valid for four years, and if no one says anything, it's valid for another four.

I told her that there was no risk in my staying four years in that apartment. I love it, but I'd like to buy something in the very near future if possible.

My only concern with the contratto, of course, was the disdetta (notice to leave). I made sure that it would be three months. I wouldn't sign the proposta unless they agreed to that. The proprietaria also told me that if I really needed to leave, there wasn't a problem with giving a shorter disdetta.

Now, we have to meet up before June 15th to sign the contratto, and everything will be final.

For my current apartment, a couple from Rome who work in Florence have sent a proposta to the proprietari. When they came to visit the apartment on Monday, they were so interested that we agreed that July 15th would work for all of us. Now we just have to wait to make sure that the proprietari accept their proposta.

So in just one week, things have settled down a little bit. In a few weeks, everything should be solidified and hopefully it will all go smoothly.

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